Hi, I´m Alexandra
I am the Graphic Designer of Linket. Up until 2014 I worked as a freelance designer for several publishers and agencies like C3, Burda, Bauer, Publishers, Trurnit and Spotlight. I work in the fields of digital media and publishing, developing ideas from their conceptual beginnings to the finished product. 
My Services
Editorial Design & Art Direction
Visual Conception and Design of Print Material
Corporate Design
Hi, I´m Stuart
I studied Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin back in the 90's and left there with a Masters Degree. My first job was with Lotus Development Corp in Mountain View, California where I helped the team develop the popular cc:mail application. Since then I have worked as an independent IT consultant in several international locations such as London, Oslo, São Paulo, Lisbon, Dusseldorf and Munich helping companies leverage IT to achieve their business objectives.
My Services
IT Consulting
Business Analysis 
Process Optimization 
Project Management

Web Solutions
Performance Engineering
Web Design
Web Development
Software Development
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